Pedro A. Noguera, Public Speaking and Presentations

A dynamic speaker of world-renown, Pedro A. Noguera is one of our most important voices for improving public education.  Dr. Noguera’s work focuses on how schools are affected by social and economic conditions in local, regional and global contexts.  He is an expert on school reform, diversity, and the achievement gap—and he translates social theory into concise, direct language with emotional impact and intellectual rigor.  Dr. Noguera is known for delivering riveting, inspiring and profound lectures that address the major challenges of our time.

Dr. Noguera speaks on a wide range of topics, a sampling of which are included below.  Dr. Noguera will work with you to adapt his presentation to meet the unique needs of your organization and community.


  • Keynote presentations
  • Lectures
  • Interactive workshops
  • Trainings

Partial List of Presentation Topics

  • The Limits and Possibilities of Schooling in an Unequal Society
  • The Role of Parents in Raising Student Achievement
  • Reducing Racial Disparities in School Discipline
  • Promoting Safety and Achievement in Secondary Schools
  • The Role of Leadership in Closing the Achievement Gap
  • The Role of Leadership in Promoting Equity and Countering Racial Inequality in Education
  • Creating Powerful School Cultures
  • Changing the Culture of Schools through Restructuring: Creating Conditions that Promote Student Achievement
  • School and Community Partnerships
  • From the Margins to the Mainstream: Insuring Quality in the Delivery of Special Education Programs
  • The Role of Teachers in Creating a More Equitable and Just Society
  • Making A Difference Through Education: A Broader and Bolder Approach to School ReformEducation for a Changing Society
  • Education and Civil Rights in the 21st Century
  • English Language Learners
  • Motivating, Engaging and Empowering African American and Latino Males to Learn
  • Motivating, Engaging and Empowering Students to Learn
  • Advancing Our Common Humanity
  • Schooling for Resilience: Lessons from Single Sex Schools

Full descriptions of the above presentation topics are available upon request.  Custom presentations can be designed for your organization.

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