Pedro Noguera: Are we failing our students?

Hip Hop Education: An Interview w/ Dr. Pedro Noguera-

Pedro Noguera: Closing the Gap – Conversations from Penn State-

Pedro Noguera – How do schools promote equity among students?

Pedro Noguera – Diversity-

Big Think Interview With Pedro Noguera- (good interview, fuzzy quality)

Big Think Pedro Noguera Interview for Teach for America-

Beyond the Bricks Project clip of Dr. Pedro Noguera-

An Interview With Pedro Noguera, American Studies Keynote Address- (low quality)

Colorincolorado! Series:

Pedro Noguera: Succeeding with ELLs and Their Families (Part 3 of 3)

Building relationships with ELL families-

Parents as partners-

How parents can help their children succeed (Spanish subtitles included)-

College readiness-

Supporting young Latino men-

Advice for new ELL teachers-


Poverty and student achievement-

The impact of poverty on public schools-

Community schools-

Pedro Noguera: Community Schools (Part 2 of 3)

The role of local communities-

Adult role models-

Students and community service-

Students’ role in school improvement-

Summer learning-

“Schooling for Resilience”-

Broader, Bolder Approach-

Pedro Noguera: Keys to Success (Part 1 of 3)

The success of Pedro’s parents-

A free education with a library card-

Favorite teachers-

A message for teachers-

“What keeps me going”-

Age 13 Pedro Noguera on Perception of Black Boys-

Age 09 Pedro Noguera on Code Switching-

Pedro Noguera – How Kids Learn 5 Los Angeles, CA-

Dr. Pedro Noguera speaks at PASE’s Third Annual Janet Kelley Lecture- ( low quality)

Dr. Pedro Noguera: Changing the World- (low quality)

Dr Pedro Noguera at Tuia Te Ako 2015 in Christchurch, New Zealand.-

Pedro Noguera on Expanded Learning Time: Deeper Student Engagement-

In Focus With Dr. Pedro Noguera (Houston A+ Challenge 2010)- (low quality)

Pedro Noguera: Schooling for Resilience – Lessons From Single-Sex Schools-

City Talk: Pedro Noguera-NYU (Part1/2)-

City Talk: Pedro Noguera-NYU (Part 2/2)-

Deborah Meier and Pedro Noguera in conversation- quality)

Pedro Noguera: Creating the Schools We Need- (sound low)

Pedro Noguera: 2010 SED Convocation Speaker-

Pedro Noguera and Sara Miller McCune on connecting education research with policy-

Pedro Noguera on teacher recruiting-

Dr. Pedro Noguera Q&A part 1- (low quality)

Dr. Pedro Noguera Q&A part 2- quality)

An Interview with Pedro Noguera on the School Bullying Menace-

Pedro Noguera and the Relevance of the LIAS Principles-

Pedro Noguera on Expanded Learning Time: More Opportunities for Learning-

“The real core of any community is the quality of its education”-

The 2015 Champion of Children Signature Event-

Melissa Harris-Perry-Behind the fight over charter schools in NYC 08.03.2014- (NEWS INTERVIEW)

Bill Cosby Unplugged- (low quality)

Public schools shortchanging students?- (NEWS INTERVIEW)

CNN: Moving home after graduation- (NEWS INTERVIEW)

Edcast 38: Closing the Academic Achievement Gap-

A Bolder Approach to Education-

NEED TO KNOW | Education roundtable: Three reformers making change from the ground up | PBS- (PBS INTERVIEW)

Noguera Arc of History-


Keynotes/speaking engagements:

Pedro Noguera: Ten Points of Advice-

Dr Pedro Noguera | Keynote Speaker at Tuia Te Ako 2015-

Pedro Noguera: Challenging Racial Disparities in School Discipline Outcomes  (low quality)

Pedro Noguera: Education in Changing Contexts / Ross Institute Summer Academy 2009 (low quality)

Keynote Address-Dr. Pedro Noguera

Dr. Pedro Noguera, “Education and Civil Rights in the 21st Century”-

Pedro Noguera, Ph.D. – “Excellence Through Equity” (03/14/16)-

Education Reformer Pedro Noguera Delivers U.Va.’s 2011 Ridley Lecture-

Pedro Noguera on “Leading New Opportunities to Learn”-

Racial Inequality and American Education: Policies, Practices and Politics (Pedro Noguera)-

Educating the 21st Century Child – Pedro Noguera- ( low quality)

2013 AVID’s Urban Leaders Convening – Pedro Noguera-

Pedro Noguera skeptical of new standards and assessments-

Dr. Pedro Noguera Presentation-

General Education Conference Keynote Speaker: Dr. Pedro Noguera- (quality a bit low)

Creating Safe and Supportive Schools: Pedro Noguera-

Dr. Pedro Noguera and Panel-

Great Cities, Great Schools: A Conversation With Dr. Pedro Noguera-

Dr. Pedro Noguera: Addressing Racial Disparities in Discipline-

P-SPAN #452: Dr. Pedro A. Noguera at College of Alameda-

Pedro Noguera on the Common Core at EdSource Symposium (

2015 Longfellow Lecture: Education & Civil Rights in the 21st Century | Pedro Noguera, PhD-

Dr. Pedro Noguera, NYU, speaks to participants of NAPE’s 2014 PDI-

Reframing the Schools Debate- Pedro Noguera-

Anthony Jackson, Pedro Noguera, Fernando Reimers on “Common Core Meets Global Learning Competencies-

Pedro Noguera at UC Berkeley’s Education Summit. Part 1!-

Pedro Noguera at UC Berkeley’s Education Summit. Part 2!-
Pedro Noguera at UC Berkeley’s Education Summit. Part 3!-

Pedro Noguera at UC Berkeley’s Education Summit. Part 4!-

Pedro Noguera at UC Berkeley’s Education Summit! Part 5!-

Pedro Noguera Buffalo State Keynote-


Keynote Pedro Noguera, People for Education Conference 2013- (low quality)

Dr. Pedro Noguera, Keynote speaker at MCNY Graduation 2012- (low quality)

Pedro Noguera Address to the Save Our Schools March- ( low quality)

Reaching Black Boys Symposium- (low quality)

“Equity and High Quality Education For Urban Students”-

Pedro Noguera at Bank Street College Graduate School commencement 2010-

Pedro A. Noguera 1.24.14- (low quality)

Pedro A Noguera- Motivating & Empowering Students-

Expanding the Success of Black and Latino Young Men-

OLLAS Cumbre 2013 Keynote: Education, Immigration and Civil Rights-

Policy Options to Tackle the Achievement Gap-

National Opportunity to Learn Education Summit 2011-

Lost? – 2014 New York Encounter-

Dalai Lama – Peace in Education Panel 1 of 3 – Newark Peace Education Summit-

Dalai Lama – Peace in Education Panel 2 of 3 – Newark Peace Education Summit-

Dalai Lama – Peace in Education Panel 3 of 3 – Newark Peace Education Summit-

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